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Being an Expat, moving away from your ‘cultural’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘family’ homeland, can be hard and challenging to face on your own.

You may go through an emotional roller coaster, moving between hope and excitement alongside negative feelings such as loneliness, not feeling self, passive, worthless and moments of anxiety. From the culture shock, experiencing a loss of control, feelings of homesickness to the lack of sleep and despair, Expats can be vulnerable to high levels of stress, identity crisis and mental health issues.

Going through the journey myself, moving between countries and as such changing my career path, adjusting to a new culture, and to a different language had led me to go through personal exploration in finding my identity and learning to accept the new me. With that in mind, I feel blessed and very passionate to offer my support to clients from any cultural background that is going through emotional distress in finding a sense of belonging and a feeling of being ‘uprooted’.

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