Q: How does online Counselling work?
By downloading the Zoom app platform on your device (let me know if you need guidance).

Q: Where do you offer Walk and Talk (outdoor) therapy?

I offer it in a few locations: Haywards Heath, Lindfield and Newick where we can meet up and have the session. You can choose to do it on a weekly basis (weather allowed) or you can choose to alternate between working online to outdoor therapy. 
The initial session will always take place online to discuss your needs and options. 


Q: When do you offer Walk and Talk therapy?


These sessions normally will be in the morning and midday. 


Q: How many sessions will I need?

It is impossible to predict, but it will be tailored to your needs. You may only need a few sessions or you may decide that you want to get support for a longer period of time. I tend to recommend having six sessions initially and reviewing our work together as a first step.

To finish therapy, I ask for notice of a minimum of one session, to allow us to finish in a safe and healthy manner.

Q: Is Counselling confidential? 

What you say in Counselling is confidential and what has been discussed stays between us. However, there are a few exceptions to this, which I will discuss at our first session.  

If you have other questions or are ready to take the next step, contact me now at 07943008775 or sdytherapy@hotmail.com